Title: Give It All We Got Tonight
Artist: George Strait
Album: Love Is Everything
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give it all we got tonight - george strait

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Award
Title: Hey Brother
Artist: Dierks Bentley

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oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
there’s nothing in this world i wouldn’t do

Title: Drunk Last Night
Artist: Eli Young Band
Album: Drunk Last Night - Single
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i brought it all up, got it all out
what is it worth, to both of us now
it’s off my chest, but never off my mind
two drinks in, you get that hurt,
you feel bad, and i feel worse
i swear it’s the last the last time every time
don’t know why

Garrett Hedlund in the “Truck Yeah” music video [x]

Loving him was RED

Title: I See You
Artist: Luke Bryan
Album: Crash My Party (Deluxe Version)
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I can’t go anywhere, I can’t do anything

No, I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams

You won’t leave me alone, even though I know you’re gone
I look around for someone new, but I see you

Title: Play It Again
Artist: Luke Bryan
Album: Crash My Party
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She was like, “Oh my God, this is my song.
I’ve been listening to the radio all night long.
Sittin’ ‘round waiting for it to come on, and here it is.”
She was like, “Come here, boy, I wanna dance.”
'Fore I said a word she was taking my hand,
Spinning me around till it faded out, and she gave me a kiss
And she said, “Play it again, play it again, play it again.”
And I said, “Play it again, play it again, play it again.”

Title: Tell Me How You Like It
Artist: Florida Georgia Line
Album: Here's To the Good Times (Deluxe Version)
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Do you like it by the bonfire heat
If it gets too hot we can take it to the creek
Let’s make it last all night long
Tell me how you like it